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What is a Freight Exchange?

A Freight Exchange is an online marketplace for freight and equipment. The basic functionality is simple, a user can offer available freight or available equipment while other users can search for these offers.

Freight Exchanges are often used by large companies to communicate with their logistic providers. This ensures efficient and cost effective transportation to and from their plants. Typical functionality is:

  • Notify logistic providers about available freight
  • Receive quotations
  • Assign jobs
  • Track jobs and quality

More information here.

What is Freecargo?

Freecargo is a special freight exchange for transport company's only. It is used to exchange freight and equipment within the transport community itself. No other companies have access. The name comes from 'free cargo' a general term for surplus cargo or cargo for which a carrier does not have one of his own trucks available.

For details go to :

Can I find backloads?

Yes, that's what it is for.

What does it cost?

Nothing. The basic Freecargo functionality of posting and finding freight or equipment is free and will always be free. No fees, no hidden costs whatsoever. Some functions do require payment however, like for instance sms messaging, but only if you choose to use these functions.

Why do I need a password?

Only Transport and Freight companies have access to the Freecargo Freight Exchange and will receive a password. Other types of companies are welcome but they have to start a 'Private Freight Exchange'. It is the same software with the same functionality but with their own users and without the possibility to exchange freight offers with the Freecargo Freight Exchange.

Is freecargo an independent service?

Yes, the Freecargo Freight Exchange and the company hosting the service, Loginet BV, are completely independent. Nor Loginet nor any of its owners are involved in freight, transport or distribution of goods. There are no deals with transport providers, freight companies, unions or other organizations. All users are treated alike.

Who operates freecargo?

Freecargo was first created in 1998 by Loginet BV. Loginet is a hosting provider based in The Netherlands, right in the center of some of the worlds largest transport hubs with ports like Rotterdam and Amsterdam and their airport Schiphol. Every day thousands of trucks depart from these ports to many destinations in Europe. Amsterdam is also a main hub for the transport of electronic data. It houses the AMS-IX the worlds largest Internet Exchange (list). This is the location where Loginet operates her server farm and hosts business applications and electronic equipment for many of the worlds largest transport companies.

Can I run my own Freight Exchange?

Yes you can. Loginet hosts many Private Exchanges and would be more than happy to install and host your exchange too. It is also possible to install and host the software at your own private server.

What is a Closed User Group?

A Closed User Group is a group of cooperating Freecargo users primarilly exchanging freight and equipment offers between themselves. Usually their offers are kept private and will not be visible to other Freecargo users. Larger groups often start their own Freight Exchange. More about Closed User Groups here and about Private Exchanges here.

Can I privately exchange freight and equipment with partners without interfearance from others?

Yes you can. Just add your partners to your network and change the 'Release Delay' of partner 'Freecargo' to 9999 minutes so that your offers are never sown to other users. Your partner must do the same in other to keep things private. If you want to do this with many partners then consider a ClosedUserGroup or even a PrivateExchange.

Can I notify my partners about new offers I enter into the system?

Yes, in the PartnerEdit form set 'Send Notifications' to 'yes' and be sure that the email address of your partner is correct.

Please note that your partner is able to reject notifications or filter for only specific notifications.
Likewise you can filter notifications sent to certain partners or add a 'Partner Delay' to differentiate between partners and give certain partners preference over others.

I am receiving too many notifications, how can I stop it?

If it is from one specific partner then go to the PartnerEdit form and set 'Receive Notifications' to 'no'. If you don't want to receive any notifications at all then please drop us a mail or use the contact form and we will make sure that you will never receive any notifications anymore.

If someone sends you notifications from outside Freecargo or from a Private Exchange then please let us know and we will put him on the blacklist and make a report of spam abuse.

Can I receive notfications by sms?

Yes, but this is not a free service. Prices vary from from 0,09 to 0,12 Euro per message depending on country and number of messages you receive. The number of messages can be limited and you can set filters on country and area to receive only messages you are interested in.

Can I send sms messages to my drivers?

Yes, but this is not a free service. Prices vary from from 0,09 to 0,12 Euro per message depending on country and number of messages you send. Your drivers can also send coded messages back to Freecargo for which you can set actions, for instance to inform planners and/or customers about a succesful delivery.
Please drop us a mail or use the contact form for more information.

How can I change my company details?

Click "Back Office" and go to: Settings -> Frontoffice -> Company Details: click change and modify.
For changing your users details, click "Change password".

I have three dispatchers, can they have their own usercode and password?

Yes, just add them as new users. Go to: Backoffice -> Settings -> Users: Add a new user for freight exchange.

Do you check the credentials of your users?

No. We do keep blacklists but please be careful in selecting your partners and use only those partners you trust. See if the partner has a website, see if he has his own domain and see if he uses a normal email address. Don't do business with hotmail accounts or other free email accounts. And if somebody mistreats you then please let us know and we will put him on the blacklist.

How do I remove my company from freecargo?

Just drop us a mail of use the contact form. You can also go to: Backoffice -> Settings -> Bug Tracking and send us a bug report requesting your removal. Don't forget to tell us the reason why you are leaving, if things doesn't work as they should then we can do something about it.

How can I get help?

Click "Help" from the menu on the left and read the f*ing manual. If you can't find the answer then go to: Backoffice -> Settings -> Bug Tracking and send us a report.

I have a complaint about an other user.

Go to: Backoffice -> Settings -> Bug Tracking and send us a report. We will check and throw him out of Freecargo and put him on the blacklist. If your complaints are found to be unjust then this might happen to you.

I have a suggestion to improve freecargo.

That will be most welcome, please tell us, go to: Backoffice -> Settings -> Bug Tracking and send us your suggestion.

What additional services do you offer?

A lot. Remember, we are software developers so you can expect something from us. There is: Online Job entry, Track & Trace, EDI, Dispatch, Planning, Fleet management, SMS messaging, Mobile PDA messaging, Onboard Computers, Mobile Data Terminals, Invoicing, Warehousing, Quotations etc. Everything runs from a single website, hosted here or at any hosting provider you require. See: The Freecargo Project.

Terms & Conditions

See: Terms & Conditions

I want to buy freecargo, is it for sale?


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